After a Long Day (Long day part II)
Mar 22, 2009 -  1605

I arrive at home happy to be off work.  After that mind blowing episode with my woman I am spent and ready to come home, eat some dinner and lay down.  She wore me out.  Wow, I’m like a kid on a sugar high right now.  Only if I knew that I was going to be that same kid on a sugar high and a trip to the toy store…..

I pulled up to my parking space in front of our apartment.  There her car was parked in her normal spot next to where I normally park, but in my parking spot was another vehicle that I really didn’t recognize.  Normally I’d get frustrated, but I was feeling so good that it just didn’t matter.  I would just pull to the other side, park, walk in and kiss my woman.  Knowing her something was on the stove.  She loved serving me.  Not that I ever said she had to be that way, but she always took good care of me.  I can already hear it.  “Hi daddy.  Food will be ready in a minute.”  Let me tell you, I have got to be the luckiest man in the world.

I approach the door and stick my key in and as I’m about to turn the key I hear some moaning in the background.  Now I’m already smiling and didn’t think it could get any bigger, but now… All I’m getting are flashbacks from her sitting on my office floor getting herself off while I was trying to work just a couple of hours ago.  I started sweating as if it were just happening all over again.  I became hard quicker than I could turn the key to let myself in.

I opened the door quickly but quietly so that I could sneak a peak at her before she realized I was home.  I didn’t want to startle her and she stop what she was doing.  I heard her in the kitchen.  And I could smell food on the stove.  Was the stove making her hot?  Ok, a bit odd, so now my mind started to wonder….  Is she in there butt naked while mixing the cornbread?  I started slowly stepping towards the kitchen.  I can’t wait to see what’s going on.  The scent of her filled the air even over the scent of cornbread and greens.  Man that smell gets me every time. Even if I’m in the middle of rush hour traffic honking my horn at an idiot that cuts me off… I get a flashback of her smell and it’s like nothing is going wrong for that moment.  Can be summed up in one word… WOW!

I hear the smack of skin as if I were in her from behind trying to climax.  Is she spanking herself?  That would odd.  No, something is wrong.  Someone else is here and it sounds like they are having sex in my kitchen.  I hope they aren’t on the table that I’m going to eat at.  What the hell am I thinking?  My woman is being banged by someone in my home why am I worried about the kitchen table.

I pick up the pace and b-line to the doorway of the kitchen, forming my mouth to start screaming and swearing to be stopped cold in my tracks when my woman looked up at me right in my eyes and said, “You’re home daddy!  I’m sorry.   Please forgive me!”  I was floored.  She followed, “We tried to wait for you, but I just got so horny and figured you wouldn’t mind.”

Now what I saw is what floored me.  Food was on the stove cooking, rice was boiling over, clothes all over the floor and toys all on the breakfast bar.  But what put my jaw on the ground was here she was bent over my counters.  Sweat beaded up on her forehead.  Her hair entangled in a fist as it was being pulled back.  Her back arched as she threw it back that one last thrust prior to my presence being noticed.  Now she just stood bent over with her mouth opened with surprise at my sight.  To top that off, my woman was the one that had that lady bent over and her strap-on pushed deep with in this lady that was looking at me in shock.  My wife had this lady’s hair twisted in her hand and a wooden spoon that she was smacking her with.  She did it as well as I’d like to think I did when I did the same thing to her.

Now I’m in a state of denial.  Two fine women in my kitchen getting it on because they couldn’t wait for me to get home.  How do you respond to that?  The rage that quickly feel my body left.  First replaced by an emptiness but then was just as quickly was replaced by lust.  Of course I just wanted to jump right in, but didn’t want to seem like a bumbling idiot.  Although right then I felt like one.  I told her, don’t let me interrupt them and while my girl’s friend’s jaw was still on the ground my woman picked up the steady beat again.

he lady’s face quickly changed from shock to a look as is she wanted to scream out “Oh MY!!” as my wife pushed deep with in her.  I really didn’t know what to do.  What to say… I just sat down at the bar to catch a very good view of my lady and her friend.

Her friend’s nails were trying to dig deep in to the tile counter top and my woman penetrated her deeply.  She kept trying to find something to dig her nails in to with each stroke.  If I saw nothing else but her expressions, I could probably nut on myself just off the fantasy of what was making her make those faces.  She finally cries out, “Faster damn it!!! Faster!!!”  My woman was more than happy to oblige.  Not that you couldn’t tell by the big smile on her face.  You could hear from the slapping of skins that she really picked up the pace.

My lady looked at me and said that this all started when she was explaining to her friend what she did to me earlier at the office.  She said that as she explained it she could see her friend get moist and she started shifting uncomfortably.  Then she started rubbing herself in the very chair I sat in right then.  Next thing she knows all her toys and clothes were sprawled out all over the kitchen.  Then I walked in.  She really wanted to surprise me.  They had planned on having me some dinner ready and we sit and eat.  Then after dinner we’d chat and drink some wine.  Just as they saw the effects of the wine start taking effect on me, they would take advantage of me.  Well the wine go popped early and so did their raging hormones.  .

Let me describe this lady.  She was hot!  I love my woman and will never let her go, but her taste in women was flawless.  This lady had dirty blonde hair just past her shoulders.  Her breast were huge.  I love my woman’s perfect breast, don’t get me wrong and usually prefer them her size, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.  Round and firm, but not like a boob job.  Just as she took care of her body.  Nipples perfectly erect at attention.  Again my woman’s breasts are perfect, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted to wrap my lips on the tits.  Speaking of taking care of her body, she was perfectly toned.  Not like a sculpted Barbie, but of a real woman that took care of her body and her skin.  Oh, and her skin, such a perfect complexion that the glisten of her skin made her look as if she was made up right out of a good budget movie.  This lady is one that most men don’t even talk too because they are afraid.  Now don’t get me wrong, my lady is sexier than this woman can ever try to be.  But the whole scene of watching her take complete control of this lady and have her way with her just…  I can’t explain how lost in the moment I am… But back to the here and now..

This lady is begging for more of the abuse from my woman.  Harder!!!  Deeper!!! Faster!!!  I could tell if she was talking about the stroking or the paddling.  Her voice was chirping at a high pitch with each stroke.  She wanted to cum so bad you could hear it in her voice.  She reached back and pulled my woman’s hips so that there was nothing exposed from the strap-on as she gave out a loud moan/scream.  Her nails embedded in to my woman’s waist.  Her head was at full tilt, making her arch her back and pressing her breast all over the counter top.  I lean over the counter to see her legs trembling with excitement and orgasmic relief and that relief ran all over the dildo and down her legs.

My mouth was dry and I was speechless as I looked at them both and my partner in love looked back at me and asked me, “So daddy, are you just gonna stand there, or do you want to show her how you do it?”  I still not wanting to loose cool point, knowing that if I tried to walk over there, I would looked like a nerd in high-school trying to go ask the head cheerleader out on a date.  So I told them both to come here and undress me.

This brought a smile to both of their faces.  Not like a kid who got an ice cream.  But a bit more like a deviant kid that was going to pull a stunt so he could go buy some ice cream.  They are both headed this way with that look in their eyes.  I try to swallow because I know I’m gonna loose it here at any time.  Gotta keep my cool.  As they approach me they reach their hands out to me.  Wondering hands worse than I had the first time my lady and I ever….. Well you know.  I called myself sneaking my hands like she didn’t know what was going on.  Touching anything I could.  Well this was like that, but times four and it wasn’t a secret on what those hands were planning.

My woman unbuttoned my shirt and ran her nails on my chest and around to my back.  She knows that’s an instant turn on for me.  Meanwhile her friend is making quick work of my pants.  It was timed almost like it was planned.  Next thing I know, I’m standing in my kitchen butt naked with 4 hands and 2 pairs of lips exploring my body.  One was on my nipples while the other was on my the small of my back.  Then they’d move around.  I was in such a bliss that I couldn’t tell anything.  It was all one big blur.  That was until I felt them both start to their decent down my body.  They met at my now rock hard and pulsating member.  All of a sudden I was short of breath as they both kissed either side.  It was like they were trying to kiss each other, but my cock was in the way.  I didn’t know if I should have came, cried, moaned, or what.  I placed my hand on each of their heads as my woman placed my balls in her mouth and the friend place my head in her.  How to describe this feeling?  I really don’t know where to begin.  How do I explain the sensations that ran through my body like electricity runs through metal.  Thank god I’m in the bar stool because had I’d been standing; I would have lost my footing for sure.

My woman stands up and motion for us both to walk over to the couch.  I could see the look in her eyes.  She was in total control and we were to move at her beck-n-call.  It made everything even that more hot.  She took the strap-on off of her waist and told her friend to put it on.  I don’t know if I should be nervous at this point, but my girl knows my limits, so I know I can trust I’m not going to have a strap-on planted inside of me.  My lady looked right at me when she told her friend to put on the toy and then said, “I want her to fuck me with this while I watch you fuck her.”  Now it’s already hard to keep my cool so I answered, “Whatever you want baby.”

Now the lady of the house, you know, the one in control... And boy is she ever… laid back in the couch and spread her legs wide over her friend’s shoulders.  Our play toy then inserted the toy in to my woman ever so slightly as she grinned.  Then she arched her back enough to give me room to penetrate her then looked at me as if to ask me what was I waiting for.  So I to inserted it ever so slightly.  As I pushed in all the way, it forced this lady that was sandwiched between us to push in deeply in to my bed mate.  Both of them moaned in unison.  It was like music.  Not to my ears, but to my hips.  Like music that made me catch a rhythm instantly.  I started to stroke in and out and deeper.  I could feel her pussy tighten every time.  And I could hear both women moaning even louder.  You know there’s something about the sounds of skin slapping and a woman getting vocal during sex.  That alone can make you nut.  Now imagine two very beautiful ladies making that sound.  I felt like I was in some video that normally my woman and I just watched.

I promise this is becoming unbearable.  My throbbing dick is ready to explode in excitement.  I’m starting to breath really heavy.  I tighten my hands around my lady’s legs which are high in the air over this lady’s shoulder.  I can’t go any further when my woman tells me to stop and pull out.  I would be disappointed, but if there’s one thing she knows, if nothing else, is me.  She knows that making me stop right before I blow a load makes it even a bigger explosion later.  She looked at me and smiled.  She tells both of us to get up and instructs me to lay on my back on the sofa.  She straddles my head.  Her pussy is right in my face.  Just dripping with happiness.  Oozing down towards my chin.   I reach my tongue out to have a taste.  She wasn’t expecting it right then and it causes her whole body to shutter.  She leans down and starts teasing my head with her lips.  Not the whole thing… Just the head.  I can barely see this other woman that’s in my home, but I see she took the strap-on off and is playing with herself while my lady and I are doing the 69.  My girl riches up and start to play with her friend too.  With a mouth full of pulsating me, she says “Come here and help me”.  This is when her friend joins in pleasuring me with a double header again.  But this time it didn’t last long when I hear in a joking voice “Let’s be cowboys…. Er.. girls…”

My woman rises up and agrees and helps her friend straddle my cock.  Imagine my bliss when I could tell it was my wife inserting me in to her.  She looks back at me over her shoulder to say that they were about to ride me ragged, so I needed to just sit there and let my tongue worked while my hips relaxed.  Sounds easy enough, but seriously, how well would you concentrate at a time like this.  It’s like chewing and walking bubblegum at the same time… Or something like that.

Doing the best I can to do as I was told I play with her clit while her friend rode my cock.  My mind and body didn’t seem to work together perfectly, but I must have been doing something right because they both started whimpering at first, then started moaning but ended up screaming.  Between yells of pleasure they would try to kiss and play with each other’s nipples.  Her friend is now digging her nails in to my legs.  I hear my woman tell her to cum all of her dick.  Make her man beg for more.  I could feel her juices flowing down between my legs and down my balls.  She hesitated for a second and then had a sigh of relief.  Then she went back to ridding me, but with a little more authority.  She… They were on a mission. My woman knows how excited the girl on girl action gets me.  She knows I can’t hold myself back watching this.  Not to mention, I’m actually a part of this.  I hollered, “I’m gonna come.. I wanna come now!”

In an instant both women got up off of me and dropped to their knees by this couch.  My woman said, “Daddy we want you to cum on our mouths and face.  Please daddy!” And her friend just as eagerly echoed, “Come one baby, make us the happy cum hungry sluts we are”.  I quickly jumped to my feet and started jerking off to bring my self to climax.  I’m stroking like it’s going to be the last time I ever jack off again.  I can feel it starting at my feet and head and working it’s way to my nuts.  That  feeling of every muscle tightening up.  One loud grunt from  me and let the shower of cum begin.

With open eyes they received my seaman bath.  Their tongues twisted in the air as if they were fighting over who’s going to get more of my cum.  They are both attentive to the tip of my dick until the last drop shoots out.  Then they start kissing each other and licking cum off of each other.  Her friend looks up and says, “We’ve missed a spot” as she proceeds to insert my dick in to her mouth.  She sucks the drop of cum stuck to the tip of my head as my woman first licks my balls and then turns her attention to her friend’s tits.

I know that this sounds just wild with the office first and now this.  But this is what really was going on.  And would you believe that it was really only the beginning of our night.  We still haven’t eaten dinner and….. Hey!  What’s that smell?  OH SHIT!  The rice boiled over and now is burning on the stove.  Well for what wasn’t burned, we ate.  But the night was still young and everyone was still naked.   What happened next you ask….  Well I’ll save that one ‘til later.  Maybe………….

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