A Long Day at the Office
Feb 03, 2009 -  1838
The day was dragging on, more so to day than most others. No one was around except the guard downstairs at the front desk. A slow, typical weekend shift. I’m working the helpdesk, assisting people with computer problems. And my luck, there’s not enough calls to keep me busy. Barely awake. I started wondering what my girl was up to so I figured I’d give her a ring. Maybe she’ll bring me some lunch or something to ‘eat’.

There’s no answer. Damn. Now what? Oh well, I might as well prepare myself to go get something to eat. Well for now, I think I’ll just get something out of the snack machine. So I go downstairs to grab a soda out of the break room. I say hello to the guard as I pass his desk. A bag of chips and a soda, now it’s time to go upstairs and get back to work. On my way back the guard said my girl came and it looked like she had some food for me. Although he said he was confused because she had a coat on, but it was hot outside.

As I walked upstairs, I walked in to my work room, but as I entered all I saw was a jacket on the floor by my desk. I next noticed my food on my desk. I called her name, but got no response. She must have slipped to the bath room (oh, sorry baby.. the loo). I sat down and started to nibble at my lunch she brought me.

Next thing I know is my heart is racing about 100 miles an hour because I felt hand on the back of my shoulder. “Who the HELL”, I yelled as I spun around. She was hiding behind my colleague’s desk. Ok. She got me. But more than once, because as I calmed down and was about to stand up and give her a kiss to tell her thanks for the food, my eyes adjusted on what she was wearing. She was wearing my favorite see-through purple bra and panties. The ones with the split down the middle. Low and behold she was holding one of her toys in her hand. She sure knows how to get my attention.

She leans over to reach past me to place the toy on the desk behind me. As she does, I get a whiff of her lightly perfumed skin while her hair drops past her shoulders and brush against me. I’m already in a state of awe. Almost speechless, I set there and feel a bulge growing quickly in my jeans. It’s almost immediately noticeable and she notices. She reaches down to caress me through my jeans as she looks deep with in my eyes with a slight smirk on her face. She was being devilish and knew what she was doing.

She leans over and gives me a quick peck on my lips and then moves around to my neck. Then she moves up to my ear. Just thinking I was just complaining about it being a long day. Now it’s just a hard day. And do I ever mean hard.

She is working on my neck rubbing her hands on my chest, slowly taking my buttons apart one by one. As she’s working her way down my chest, she lightly drags her nails over my flesh making my hair all over stand up on end. Now she starts kissing down my chest as she’s removing my shirt. Her moves are effortless and so smooth that the shirt drops in my chair before I realize that she’s completely unbuttoned it already. Or maybe because as her lips come to the top of my belly that last thing on my mind was my shirt. She starts her soft wet pecks around my navel while her hands work the buckle on my belt. Her lips move lower and lower. Now my button is unfastened and down goes the zipper. She massaging my cock now and teasing me like she doesn’t want to go down. Why does she tease me like that? Because she knows it’s going to driver me crazy and that excites her.

I can tell she’s getting wet, because she can’t keep her hands away from herself. She’s pulling at her nipples and rubbing herself through her panties. I can even see how moist she’s getting in her panties because when she pull her hand up, there is a glisten to her fingers that she then licks off her fingers. Now I see why she like buying crotch-less panties.

I love the way he breast feels on the inside of my thigh, but I’m so ready for her to put my cock in her mouth. I’m trying to slip it in, but she won’t let me. Finally she grabs me by the base and after a couple of strokes, licks the tip of my dick with the tip of her tongue. Then she entices the just the head with her lips kind of giving me a tickling sensation. Some satisfactions, but I’m ready for he to go all the way down. Finally she does. She’s so good at this that my toes curl and my body is tense, but relaxed at the same time. Every so often she’s stop to lick on my balls and my ass. She loved how that made me run up the chair like I was Spiderman.

Now she been stroking for a little while, she’s got spit dripping between the end of my pole and off of her lips, and she looks up deep in to my eyes. She has a twinkle in her eye, like she’s planning something. But the excitement is running through my blood now. And I’ve been watching her play with herself while pleasuring me. I just gotta have a taste. Just as she was about to get back to work I couldn’t hold back. I quickly grabber her and picked her up by her waist and sat her on my desk.

I quickly man handled her while moving all the contents of my desk and throw her legs over my shoulders. Then I set in the chair. Who’d have though… Perfect height for me to ‘roll’ right in to position. I wasted no time either. I could almost taste her before my tongue ever touch the moist, dripping lips that currently had my attention. As my lips finally touch her, I felt her arch her back and grip the desk. As my tongue split her slit and work past her pussy’s throbbing whole up to the knob of her clit she moaned in excitement and grabbed the back of my bald head as if to pull me in deeper in to her purring kitty. As I go to the clit, I stop there just to flick it a couple of times with my tongue and the stuck it between my lips to suck on it. Never once did I stop flicking it with my tongue. Now she’s excited and you can hear it. You can hear it so much that’s I’m worried that the security gaud is going to hear. I try to mumble “SHHH, the guard” well my face was buried deep between her shaking and shivering legs. She didn’t care she said. Hell let him watch as far as she cared as long as I didn’t stop what I was doing. I knew I was in the right spot because she wanted to relax her body to enjoy it, but her body wouldn’t let her relax. She digging her nail in to my head now and trying to reach down to my back. But every time she leans up to scratch me, I suck and flick even more forcing her to throw her head back and yell in a mad fit again.

This continued for a while and just as I thought my jaw was going to give and lock up or her legs were going to pop my head like a grape, I could taste that all to well known taste. I felt her pussy pulsing and swell up, and her legs get even tighter. I couldn’t hear her moans because all sound was cut off by her legs being wrapped around my head. Although I could tell she wasn’t moaning now more. Her body was jerking like she was gasping for air. You could feel her moving like she couldn’t breathe. Then all of a sudden her legs swung open and flew straight in to the air as she grab the back of my head and pulled me all that way in. Finally, what I started to taste a second ago started to flow. She came so hard that in the excitement I didn’t realize she filled my mouth with her juices. It was running down my chin and the crack of her ass all over my desk. As she regained her breath I would lick her from the back of her ass to the tip of her clit. This made her gasp twice on each stroke and her legs quiver even harder each time.

She can’t take any more, her clit is bright pink and throbbing in excitement and sensitive as ever. She cries out, stop… I can’t handle any more. You’re going to make me cum again. Why did she tell me that? I figure my tongue and jaw could handle a little more. So I start tongue fucking her and playing with her clit with my finger. Knowing it’s sensitive to the touch so I can just rub it with my fingers and she’ll have another orgasm. But this time with a different sensation, it’ll make her cum harder. She loves it when I do that, but hates it. Because she knows when I’m done, she’ll want to just lay down, but she hasn’t gotten me off yet.

I play with her kitty now as she keeps saying, “No baby, I want to get you….” Yes, I know the spot to keep her from talking. And I keep letting her talk, but never finish what she wants to say. Needless to say, this time it doesn’t take nearly as long to get her off. I’m licking her ass, fingering her pussy, and rubbing on her love bubble. She never stopped dripping cum once she started, but now she’s flowing like Niagara Falls. Yelling my name and saying stop, but pulling me in closer, playing with her clit and driving my fingers deeper. Then asking me to put three fingers in. I put three fingers in and my fourth just seems to slide in to her ass at the same time. Now I’m licking her clit again, but this time just licking. My fingers keep finding that spot that makes her kind of whimper instead of moan. I start stroking harder and deeper. Then with my free hand play with her clit as she spreads her legs apart. She’s trying to look down to keep an eye on what I’m doing but I keep brushing that one area. It’s almost like it’s a button on an automatic PEZ dispenser. I push it and back goes her head. Now I feel pressure around my fingers. So tight I think it may crush them. Not like it wasn’t already tight enough. But with all the cum she’s got, they still flow in and out of her smoothly. This time when she screamed, I knew there was no way the security guard down stairs doesn’t hear what’s going on up here.

This time when the orgasms finally stop, she pulls my hand out and pushes me away. I kind of roll back in my chair. Her body is shaking. She says she’s had enough. And it’s my turn. She slides off my desk dragging her sweet juices with her. Now the juices are running down her leg and off the edge of my desk. I can only imagine how that’s going to feel around my cock. She one leg up on my chair. As I try to get in on more taste from that passioned fruit of hers, she pushes me back in my chair as in I’ve given her enough, now she’s going to give me. She grabs the back of my chair and then straddles me. Pressing against my nose as she drops down slowly, covering even more of my face with the succulent, dripping fluids. Whipping it on my chest and finally to my cock. She reaches down and inserts me slightly. I feel her flex her muscles around my head. And then she drops down pushing me deep with in her. She relaxes her muscles just for a second and then grips my shaft tightly again. She starts rocking back and forth at first slowly, but then picks up the past and goes faster and faster. So violently that we almost fall out of the chair. Now she’s riding up and down to keep us from tipping over. But every time she feels my legs tighten up she stops. She just cold turkey stops, looks at me, smiles and gives me a kiss. To top it off, she acts like she’s to tired to continue. She knows what she’s doing. She doesn’t want to let me cum yet. And my cock is throbbing and ready to explode in her. But she’s holding back. Each time I feel like I’m going to die inside of her and its going to be more intense than the last one. She wants me to beg for it like I had her doing, but I don’t want to give her the satisfaction. But do I ever really inside want to beg for her to let me nut. And she knows it..

She has me by the back of the neck and she riding. She starts to break a serious sweat while going buck wild. I feel her whole body tense up. Or is that me tensing up. I really can’t tell. I know my toes are curling and I wish I was laying flat instead of sitting in this chair so I could stretch out and enjoy every bit of this. But I can’t stretch out. Wow! This nut is so different. It’s like my body is closing up. Like I’m wrapping her up with all my passion. I usually stretch out, but all I can do is embrace her as I exploded. I don’t know what or how she did it, but I have never felt a nut feel like this. “Oh my gawd!” I said to her. “I have never nutted that way”, I exclaimed in excitement. She just smiled at me and asked how much longer I had to work. I let her know maybe about an hour. She was cool with that and grabbed her toy off of my desk. She let me know that she would be on the floor fucking herself while I worked and at times would try to ‘distract’ me. That just made my whole “long” day worth it’s time. I was able to answer the phones with a smile on my face.

On our way out at the end of my shift we past the guard’s desk where he just looked and smiled. I could see it in his eyes where he wanted to ask or comment on what he had heard. Discretion kept him from asking me anything. But it didn’t keep me from saying to him, “It’s only you and I in the building, next time you better call up your dime piece and we’ll make it a four way round!” This made him loose all control and break out in laughter. My lady smacked my in the arm and say, “You so crazy!’ as we headed out the door to our cars. And this is where this story ends…. Or maybe it’s where the real story begins.. Well we were both in the mode, headed home on a weekend night, and no one else was going to be around. So what do you think was going to go on… But that’ll be in the next ‘episode’.

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