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Definition Of Todays Sugar Mama
Feb 10, 2013

Todays sugar mama could be any woman of wealth of any age that spends money lavishly on and seeks the fun and excitement of having a younger male or femaie compainion. Todays sugar mama is assertive, financially independent and charts her own direction in life. She does not need nor wants a partner for financial reasons or just for the mindblowing great sex that the sugar mama's of the past lusted for, but seek satisfaction for the emotional and the physical aspects of her being and the mindblowing great sex. That does not mean that she wants to journey through life alone. No, by contrast, todays sugar mama is as much interested in a love life. and making that connection with Mr.or Ms. Right as any other woman of past years and past generations. However, today's sugar mama wants a partner that can accept the financial role reversal and who can respect her intellect, her desires and her dreams. In fact, she'd like a partner who can walk hand-in-hand with her, not in front of her or behind her, as they tackle life's challenges together.