I have "winked" to some of the sugar mommas' on this site but have not received a response back. Where do my winks go?

Your winks are sent to the members mailbox so they are received by the member. Most sugar mommas' on this site are paying members and just do not respond to winks, only messages. It is their preference.

How do I change my email address or password?

You can change your email address on the "edit your profile" page. Here you can change some other information including search preferences, address and other preferences about your daily routines, habits, hobbies etc.
You found this link in member panel menu, when got login.
After you've made your changes, click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save.

What is the purpose behind Instant Messenger, how do i get benefit from it?

This application is a faster way of communicating to other members of the site who are online. Its lists all the members who are online. When you send message, recipient will receive message and would reply. If unfortunately recipient doesn't receive message for some reason, then that message will be send to his onsite message Inbox.

How does "My Matches" works?

My Matches works according to the basic profile and "search preferences" at the bottom of the "edit profile" page.

Do people actually meet on your site? Do they ever get involved?

Many people meet on our site daily and go on to date and start relationships. We've also seen many "involvements"  across many borders. To see for yourself, check the site for real stories of real connections.

When someone emails me, where does the email go and how do I respond?

When a member sends you a note, it goes straight into your onsite message Inbox. We then send an email to your personal email address to let you know that it's there.

To read the note, simply login to the site and go to your Inbox. If you decide to write back, you will need to upgrade your membership from free to another leve and simply click "reply", write your own note and send away. Your note will go straight into the member's onsite Inbox, and we'll let them know it's there with an email to their personal email address.

All communications with other members stay onsite so that you never have to give out any personal information until you feel completely ready. Then when you are, you can exchange phone numbers and even meet in person.

How do I edit my profile?

To update your profile, click "Edit Profile" in Members Panel menu. Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the screen when you're done.

Try to put your best foot forward with at least one photo and snappy, detailed essays about your interests. The photo is key since most people feel more comfortable writing to members they can see. Try to stay positive in your essays and let the real you shine.

How do I cancel my membership?

Log into your account and click "cancel ". If you have a paypal recurring payment membership, you must cancel payments through your payment processor. We do not store nor have access to your credit card information. That infomation is kept by you and your provider. Your account will still be active if you cancel payments only.


I keep getting logged out when I try to do anything!
This is due to your cookies being old/bad, and can be easily fixed by clearing your browser cookies. If you dont know how to do this, you can find out by doing a search online for clearing browser cookies.

It says my password is incorrect!

Follow the link provided to get your screenname and a temporary password emailed to you.  http://www.shugamama.com/index.php?page=login&returnto=&get_params=a:1:{s:2:"id";s:3:"833";}

I lost my confirmation e mail. What do I do?

Follow this link and click re send confirmation link  http://www.shugamama.com/index.php?page=login&returnto=&get_params=a:1:{s:2:"id";s:3:"833";}

My email address has changed, so I cannot request my login information...

Send us a message to Click Here to Email  including your old email address and your new one... We will contact you via email to confirm the change.

When I search in my country or state i dont get any results.
It is possible that your location information is incorrect, first check your profile to make sure this information is correct. Second, if you are not in the US, it's possible that there aren't many members in your country, try a search that isn't so specific.

I cannot send messages.

ShugaMama.com is a subscription based service. If the site tells you that your membership level doesn't support a certain feature, you need to upgrade your membership level. We offer several different subscription plans and methods of payment. Choose the best method suitable for you.

I just upgraded my membership and I got a receipt saying that my payment went through, but it says im still a basic "free" member and I can't send emails to the one im interested in -- will it just take time for the system to catch up and realize i paid  or am i getting the shaft here?
As soon as we get payment confirmation from your payment processor, your membership will be upgraded to the chosen membership level. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours. If your account has not been upgraded in a reasonable amount of time, send an e mail  with your account name and user name to  Click Here to Email  Also, if you use paypal and the e mail address used for your paypal account is different from the one that you used here in your profile, you must send us the e mail address and/or your username for us to upgrade your account manually.Send that information to Click Here to Email 
Support staff is available Monday thru Friday, 9am to 7pm EST. For tracking purposes, ALL requests must be made via e mail  Click Here to Email  Client also understands that technical support may not be available at the exact time in which the client initiates contact.