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Finding and Keeping a Sugar Momma
Apr 08, 2013

This is a quick guide compiled by me who has years of experience with Sugar Mama 's. Consider this the cardinal rules of Sugar Mama ism: 1. You, the sugar baby, have to pursue her strongly, consistently and exclusively, forsaking other women, if you are truly serious about your intentions. 2. Be loving, brilliant, and financially self sufficient. I can't stress this enough. You can show some financial self sufficiency by being a paying member on dating sites. 3. Treat her as you would treat a person your age and as you would like to be treated. Bad treatment is bad treatment no matter what age a person is. 4. Don't be anyone's dirty little secret... even if your sugar momma is between the ages of XX to XX. If you are scared to come "out" about her during this time period, it is not going to get better with time and it makes her feel really uncomfortable with the relationship. 5. It really helps to have realistic expectations, but to balance those out with realistic boundaries. If you think that sugar mama or a generous older woman is going to fall head over heels and open her heart and purse to you because you are young and virile, don't bet on it. It happens but rarely. Most want to be loved and to love. 6. And again if you are on a site looking for that special lady, at the very least have the minimum paid membership. Every sugar momma that I have ever met needs to know that there is some financial stability in your life and a paid membership is their first impression at online sites. 7. Most important thing is to be prepared.If a sugar mama contacts you, get back to her as soon as possible. With the market the way it is, a sugar mama doesn't have to wait around for you, she will move on to someone else. I would suggest having a yearly membership that allows you to be able to respond back at any has an interesting article on the subject. It mainly says that if you want to find a hot rich older lady to take care of you:Simple isn't it. Now go for it and good luck.HardRockBe hot Be fit Embody a sense of fun and youth Balance that with an aura of maturity Make her feel special Don?t dwell on her wealth I?m sure there are guys who naturally gravitate towards these behaviors. The rest of you potential sugarbaby-dudes, it looks like, will have to practice these behaviors. It s a combination of:having drive to find a sugar momma in her natural habitat where other rich folk hang out luck to find an individual sugar momma who desires this arrangement to find a sugar momma who likes you to find a sugar momma who you like the correct psychology to give your sugar momma what she needs (psychologically, socially, sexually, etc.) to not feel emasculated by being supported by a woman As for the morality of a sugar momma/sugarbaby situation, if both parties are clear on the relationships expectations, I see nothing wrong with it. I'm sure some of these relationships go smoothly, and some are rocky as hell. Managing a relationship is generally a difficult endeavor, especially when your efforts are not driven by love (though, some people could be driven by a pure love of money).