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How to find a younger man or woman
Aug 31, 2013

Lots of women have found love, life, and happiness with a younger man or woman. And you don't have to be beautiful, rich or famous to do it--and to get away with it.  All you have to be is honest with yourself when you find a younger man or woman attractive.  And be honest with them--let them know how you feel.  There is nothing shameful about being attractive to and attracted by a younger man or woman.  Enjoy it.   A fortyish businesswoman I recently met had this to say:   "I am in the midst of a divorce, and in my business there aren't so many available men in my age bracket.  But thre are lots of younger ones, and I don't mind telling you that some of them look pretty good.  Somebody's got to make the first move, of course--and I often do.  As a matter of fact, they've told me they were really glad I gave them a signal that I was interested.  Put yourself in my place.  If you were a 20 something-year-old man, would you put yourself in the position of being rejected by a woman in her forties or fifties?  But once you make it clear that you're interested.  It's a whole new ball game."   Another woman of forty five is being squired around town by her gardener. They have what was once delicately referred to as a 'meaningful relationship.'  He turns her on, and she's the most fascinating woman he has ever met.  He's in today's generation, in which men don't necessarily believe woman's place is in the home--and it's just as well for the woman is rarely there.  She's off interviewing people and writing books while he's home re-wiring the place and installing fish ponds.  She introduces him to people and happenings he would otherwise have missed.  He gives her moral support and understanding that she's never had before.   "I've been married (she says)  and made to feel guilty because I not only have a career, but enjoy it.  And I have been put in the position of having to run a house, raise stepchildren, and drop everything when my husband loses his glasses--on top of trying to do my own work.  No one cared what I wanted to do, much less encouraged me to do it, much less made it possible.  But that's not the way it  is anymore.  Now I am liberated, much like younger women.  And it took a man fifteen years younger to do it.  Let's hear it for youth!"   So Sugar Mama/Sugar Baby relationships are not selfish, one-sided, indulgent, or cause for embarrassment, real or imagined.  They can work and often do, providing both parties with a valuable something.  Be it love, laughter, sex, companionship, financial support, comfort, understanding, serenity, care, or fun you want, you can share it with a younger man or woman.