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Dating For Money Answers Many Singles Prayers
Jun 28, 2013

Money dating or 'dating for money' has become a popular online dating trend that has the internet buzzing with controversy. As financial concerns weigh heavy on the minds of daters, cash dating sites are registering thousands of new members a day. Yet with a focus on bank accounts instead of love, will financial dating be a lasting trend?Young singles are especially drawn to fiscal dating. With climbing tuition costs and a feeble economy, many college students, struggling artists, single moms, and aspiring actresses and models are jumping on the wealth dating bandwagon. "I am a full time student so I shouldn't have to worry about getting a full time job as well"- says one female money dater.A money date usually consists of an older, wealthier man and a younger, attractive woman. The financial and romantic aspects of money dating have swollen the blogosphere with controversy, as some draw links between dating with money in mind, and prostitution.Brandon Wade, creator and CEO of a popular money daters site says that money minded dating is not the same as prostitution "This kind of dating is a way for people to screen potential partners on the basis of their financial compatibility". According to the Webster dictionary, prostitution is "the act or practice of engaging in sex acts for hire".The morality debate over money and dating has gotten so big that money singles sites are creating blogs and forums about the issue. While most legal experts agree that money networking sites do not inherently violate any existing federal internet laws, money personals sites are scrambling to keep prostitutes and scam artists away.In browsing through the profiles on a dating with money site, one finds that being upfront about what you want is common practice for many money singles. One money classifieds site has a monthly allowance section for its young and attractive members, where they can list their desired monthly financial aid.Most money-seeking daters are interested in setting up mutually beneficial relationships, with clearly defined ground rules. In fact, many money daters decide the desired length of their relationship before it begins!From Australia to Wisconsin, Abu Dhabi to Denver, and everywhere in between, money daters are pairing up on the basis of shared pleasure and wealth.To participate in money dating, you may signup for a free account on any high end dating websites focused on Money dating, or Money personals.Article Source: